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Best hiking in Sweden: Kungsleden

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The northern part of the Kungsleden trail is the ideal introduction to the Swedish mountains. Here you hike through impressive valleys surrounded by towering mountains, among wich Swedens highest peak Kebnekaise is the most obvious temptation. The altitude differences are relatively small and you can enjoy the dramatic landscape while never being very far from comfortable accommodation. The book explains the Swedish system of cabins and mountain stations, what you should consider when preparing and how to get there.

- How to conquer Kebnekaise
- Stage maps from Abisko to Kvikkjokk, with alternative routes and unmissable sights
- Tips for the best tours and day trips from the mountain cabins
- Information about geology, glaciers, vegetation etc.
- A wealth of large images for inspiration, ideas and planning

Author and photographer Fredrik Neregård has spent every summer for the last 20 years in the Swedish mountains. He has written a number of popular books about hiking, kayaking and ice skating and is a highly sought-after speaker.


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